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I massage horses -- wonderful, amazing horses. I use Swedish massage, stress point therapy, myofascial release, energy work, and stretching techniques. I work in the New England area, primarily covering Massachusetts and Southern NH.

Whatever their job, your horse is subject to the same strain and stresses that anyone encounters when pushing their physical limits, either in sports competitions or in daily labor.  Massage and energy work help keep your horse fit and in optimum condition longer! 

Regular Massage

  • locates and releases muscle knots and stress points early before they can develop into larger problems
  • relieves pain caused by tight muscle tissue and fascia
  • relieves compensation issues that accompany injury (Your horse naturally protects a sore area and relies more heavily on other muscles, overworking them and throwing off the synergistic balance of cooperating muscles.)
  • increases circulation to remove lactic acid and other toxins resulting from exercise and tissue repair, while improving muscle tone, organ function, and overall wellbeing

I also do Reiki with horses. Reiki...

  • is an wonderful energy technique that promotes the horse's natural healing abilities and can be used safely alone or in conjunction with traditional veterinary care
  • provides a sense of wellbeing, and deep relaxation in horses
  • can help with pain relief
  • is noninvasive and completely safe
  • is very useful when horses are injured or convalescing and unworked muscles cannot be massaged 

While I massage only horses, I am available to teach people to do Reiki with people and animals. 

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